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04:45:52 PM Feb 4th 2014
So, is WTP dead? Filly Gamez has pretty much stated as much, but it's still not 100% crystal for me.
04:52:18 PM Feb 4th 2014
Well for what it's worth, this is their most recent update:

It seems to say that the game itself is probably over, but they're going to continue the story in fan animations. Well, maybe. For all we know, the fan animation could be a trailer for an entirely new game. We'll see.
02:21:51 PM Nov 30th 2012
Anypony got the 20% cooler bed? It's in the files, but I can't seem to get enough money to buy it since the game forced me to follow a path whether I wanted or not (I played with a good karma, so maybe I can get it by being a jerk to everypony, I'm not sure).
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