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08:15:40 PM Feb 2nd 2014
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Posting here to request for an editor familiar with this series to fix a example of Logging onto the Fourth Wall from this series that was placed under the anime/manga tab:

  • Shogun's URLs from Chaos;Head lead to gruesome anime-pictures with Haritsuke no Misa case victim on them.

Originally the grammar on it was worse; this was the best fix I could manage without being familiar with the work. I don't know whether or not this is actually specific to the anime or visual novel, what "Haritsuke no Misa" is, and whether case victim is actually supposed to be singular or plural. All examples on the page technically must also state whether or not its active and provide a link if it is (but I'm assuming since it sounds NSFW, you don't need to do that).

To whoever knows what this refers to, please fix the trope example on the page and put the example on the work page's trope list as well.
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