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05:58:23 AM Sep 30th 2014
If you lose a shipment of treasure to pirates in part III, Guybrush sometimes says "But can I keep my copy of Torquemada's Guide to Persuasion?".

Foreshadowing to the fourth game?
04:22:40 PM Mar 26th 2014
Ok, so is there any trope for the fact that this is the only game in the series to be done in 2-d fluid animation? It's not exactly art evolution, but it's not really an art shift either. Thoughts?
05:27:29 PM Dec 27th 2012
"Viewers Are Geniuses: One of the most important puzzles in the game hinges on the player knowing that alcohol and medicine should not be mixed under any circumstances. While for most people this is a no-brainer, younger players are a lot less likely to know that this is a bad idea since, you know, they don't drink alcohol"

I cut this one, the recipe book you make the medicine from says not to mix it with alcohol.

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