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02:47:00 PM May 14th 2016
"Grenades. You can soup them up with upgrades and make them awesome, but they take a full ten seconds to explode after they're thrown (by which point your target has either moved away from them or you've already killed the target in question with gunfire). The game claims you can explode them early by hitting them with gunfire, but it's nearly impossible to actually hit them, even when firing with them directly in your sights."

You guys do know you can just detonate a Grenade by pressing the throw grenade button again right?
10:39:01 PM Mar 28th 2016
edited by EBsessed
I added an entry for Black Dude Dies First due to Jenkins, and it was removed. The reason for the removal states that Jenkins is neither black nor a minority, and this - and https://i.ytimg. com/vi/Ww6m HXZ_7l4/maxresdefault.jpg (remove the space before "com") - certainly looks like a black character to me. At the very least, he's unquestionably not a white man.
03:39:51 PM Apr 7th 2016
Hi, I'm sorry for not getting to this earlier—I've had a lot going on and it slipped my mind.

My removing the Black Dude Dies First entry actually was only partially motivated by that issue. The primary reason I removed it (and the reason I sent you the automated issue helper message) was because it's a trope specific to a single character; there is a commented-out notice at the top of the page which says that character-specific tropes must be added to that character's section in the character pages rather than on the game pages. The Mass Effect series is particularly prone to page splits, which makes enforcing that rule important (even putting aside the fact that ignoring commented-out notes is against wiki policy).

As for the issue of whether Jenkins is or isn't black, the trope frankly doesn't fit either way. The defining part of Black Dude Dies First isn't just that the first person who dies in a story is a black dude, it's that the black dude (or whatever minority of the creator's choice) is the Token Minority: the creators put him in to make themselves seem like they're being inclusive, then kill him off as soon as possible so they can focus on the white characters the story is actually about. Even assuming that Jenkins is black (which could be true; as far as I know, there's no Word of God about his race), he's not a Token Minority, considering that neither of the other human squadmates are white, and there are several NP Cs of color in the game, both major and minor, and that's not even counting the possibility that Shepard themselves is a person of color.

I should have made my reason for deleting more clear. As you can tell, I can be somewhat verbose in writing, so I try to keep my edit reasons as stripped-down as possible.
04:31:21 PM Mar 27th 2012
Regarding the Chekhov's Gunman removal. Looking at Eddie Lang's picture on the mass effect wiki and the character seen at the end of the game. They look similar but different enough that they clearly aren't the same person. Plus he doesn't even sound the same (excuse the poor quality was the only youtube video I could find on short notice)
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