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08:38:26 PM Mar 18th 2011
What makes GTA San Andreas better than other GTA games is: you can be over the top even in the Realistic(as opposed as fantastic and Sci-fi) settings
05:09:53 AM Jan 11th 2011
With respect to the Hydra under Awesome, but Impractical
  • If you try to pilot it with thrusters down, it controls exactly like a helicopter with homing missiles.

I think this is not correct: the Hydra with thrusters down is different from most helicopters in the following ways:
  • Slower to respond to the controls.
  • Skinks quite rapidly if not under positive thrust.
  • Lacks the "gyroscopic" self-righting tendencies of a heli.

So replaced this statement with somethings I'm more sure of: the Hydra can be Awesome, but Impractical for some players in a ground-straffing role when hovering — which is exactly what people wanna do with it, usually.
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