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01:21:02 PM Jul 28th 2015
If anyone could help out for the No Going Back? page that'd be really helpful. See here:
08:52:59 PM Jan 29th 2015
edited by Trogdor
There seems to be a little war going on over the page quote, with "kansas_hurricane" adding a quote from Episode 4, and "Silent Colossus" changing it back to the original quote from Episode 3. The rules apparently say we can only have one, so should we vote on the quote or something?
09:39:14 PM Jan 29th 2015
Maybe we can have the Episode 3 quote on the top of the page, and the other quote under the image, replacing "This is going to hurt."
09:18:17 PM Dec 18th 2014
Can anyone confirm whether the game uses traditional Cel Shading? It looks like it's using a similiar process to Borderlands which we aren't technically considering cel shading.
11:02:36 PM Jul 7th 2012
Bang Bang BANG: In Episode 2, a gun goes off right near player character Lee's head and he visibly recoils. It looked like the gunshot caused temporary disorientation to me. Can anyone confirm?
06:55:07 PM Mar 24th 2013
Those spoilers aren't necessary. All the spoil tags hide is the fact that a gun is fired in the middle of a zombie apocolypse.
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