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06:52:39 PM Oct 13th 2010
I don't like the page quote. I think we could find a better one if we really tried.
04:09:33 AM Sep 25th 2010
Where does this nonsense about Baleog's name being spelled as "Baelog" come from? It's definitely spelled "Baleog" in both games, and pronounced as such in Norse By Norsewest...
04:36:19 AM Jun 7th 2010
Now I'm curious, what ARE the new skills the Classic Cheat Code unlocks?
04:12:06 AM Sep 25th 2010
A Kamehame Hadoken technique for Erik, unlimited flight for Scorch, a One-Hit Kill sword technique for Baleog, I think Fang gets the ability to non-fatally electrify himself to damage nearby enemies, and Olaf gets... something. I can't remember. >__>
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