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08:48:41 PM Oct 30th 2014
Well, I split the tropes into sub-pages, but it says they're not indexed. I tried to copy the format form other pages that had sub-pages, like The Legend of Korra and Manga/Naruto but no such luck. Dunno what I done wrong. Someone wanna weigh in on that?
01:03:59 AM Oct 31st 2014
You forgot to set the page type to "does indexing". Did it for you.
11:00:45 AM May 20th 2014
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Something has been bothering me about the Left Behind DLC entries. Is it really fair to call Ellie a lesbian? Yes she kissed Riley but I would say Ellie as a lesbian is rather stretching it. It's safe to assume that Ellie didn't have what many people would call a "normal childhood", what with the end of the world changing our society so drastically. I get the sense that she never really learned any way to really deal with her emotions for other people. She doesn't show any obvious sexual attraction toward anyone so basing it on that assumption goes right out the window, so the only evidence is emotional attraction which I find to be questionable.

I would argue that Ellie had an emotional attachment to Riley but not necessarily a sexual attraction as "Lesbian" might also define. She has really strong emotions for her friend and that kiss was the strongest way she could express that because she has no other reference for doing so.
02:56:37 AM Jan 20th 2015
Word of Gay confirms they had romantic feelings for each other, so there's no arguing that, though it's not to say Ellie can't be bi. If you read the Trivia page it explains how the idea to make her gay was spontaneously added to the DLC after the creators figured nothing in the main campaign suggested she leaned one way or the other, though I will agree that other things can be accounted such as how living in an apocalyptic world enhances how much you value your only friend(s) and may blur the line between platonic and romantic actions, and Ashley herself doesn't want to classify Ellie as anything but feels that it "doesn't matter" why she kissed Riley, she's just that important to her. Then again you should also consider the fact that had Riley been a guy, no one would have questioned Ellie's sexuality then.
12:24:26 PM Feb 16th 2014
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Was it really necessary to add Black Best Friend as a trope for Left behind? Riley's skin color wasn't brought up once in that whole story.
03:56:03 PM Feb 22nd 2014
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Removed it.
12:15:52 PM Sep 2nd 2013
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I've just deleted this entry from the page:

  • Always Save the Girl: By saving Ellie from her lethal surgery in the finale, Joel withholds the potential key to a cure for mankind.

Because, despite the name, the trope specifically applies to a love interest, male or female. This isn't the case here, so Square Peg Round Trope. I'm putting this here in the discussion page for the record, because I'm pretty sure some pedo will come along to revert the edit, claiming that Joel wanted to bang Ellie and it applies. So to preemptively counter the (squick) argument:

The trope page and its examples make it clear that this applies when a character who has been explicitly portrayed as being romantically interested/in a relationship with someone, chooses to save that person irrespective of what he has to sacrifice. While the second part (MAYBE - it's outright stated that there was never a 100% chance of succeeding in synthesizing a vaccine even with Ellie's death) applies, the first doesn't, regardless of anyone's twisted fantasies.

Discuss and justify here before reverting the edit.
10:42:22 AM Jun 27th 2013
Who deleted half of the human characters on the Character page? Seriously, Sarah, Robert, Henry, Sam, and Ish all have enough characterization to warrant a section on the page.
11:56:00 AM Jun 27th 2013
I've readded them. Would like to hear reasons - perhaps the issue was with formating.
01:14:20 AM Jul 1st 2013
Thank you for the reset.
02:59:50 PM Jun 23rd 2013
Fridge page for the game?
06:42:50 AM Jun 20th 2013
Why are there spoilers for the opening scene? Sarah's death happened at the opening of the game.
10:57:00 AM Jun 22nd 2013
I'd say her death is simply too important for Joel's arc and enough of a twist to warrant it. There's a reason why it was barely a mention that Joel had a daughter and brother before the outbreak pre-release.
11:39:53 PM Jun 17th 2013
So we don't have a headscratchers page for this game yet but how, when going from Massachusetts to Colorado, do Joel and Ellie end up in Pittsburgh?
12:51:17 AM Jun 18th 2013
With headscratchers in mind, what wonderful financial situation was Joel in before the outbreak? No college, but a decent 2 bedroom, 2 story, furnished home in, I guess Travis County, that he owns (he mentions paying the mortgage).
05:49:37 PM Sep 7th 2013
Joel wasn't going from Boston to Colorado, he was going from Boston to Wyoming to find his brother.