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03:32:36 PM Apr 19th 2017
edited by Chaomen
In "Artistic License Physics" it is said, that anti-gravity pad, in real life, would make balloons float as other objects, because helium still affected by gravity, but I want to contradict that. It is not helium, that makes bloons float, but Archimedes principle. As helium has lower density, than air, it floats in it. As such, if you fill an indestructible balloon with helium, it will float up to the end of air layer and will just float on top of it. So, if anti-gravity pad is affecting balloon, it will affect air near this balloon. Archimedes principle will work and Archimedes force will change it's sign from positive to negative as acceleration of gravity will change from positive to negative (, thus balloon will "float" upside down until it connects with anti-gravity pad and will "float" on top of air layer that is surrounding it.

Considering points stated above, I propose deleting this part of article, as developers correctly implemented this part of anti-gravity mechanics and, probably, are not contradicting real world physics.
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