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07:52:30 PM Nov 15th 2011
edited by fenyx4
I'm wondering if this game's article could somehow reference the outlandish remarks from PETA about Mario's use of a Tanooki suit (and also raising the points of why this issue was never raised with Super Mario Bros. 3 so many years ago, and why it's still considered OK to shoot fireballs at turtles), along with integrating Nintendo's response to said "issue". Personally, I believe it somehow warrants mention, due to the absurdity of the claim and the partial hilarity that could stem from it. Meanwhile, I'll try thinking of something...

Articles on PETA's claim:



Article containing Nintendo's response:
11:49:28 PM Nov 16th 2011
lol, classic PETA! You can create a Trivia section for this game and add it there, if you want.
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