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06:03:04 AM Feb 2nd 2011
edited by LordLaharlsVassal
There is a long time since I played Soul Nomad, but this has been buging me for a while, so please forgive me if I am wrong; How can we be sure the Nereids are planing to use Penn as a sperm bank? I was under the impression that the world of Soul Nomad lacked souls, not men! So they can't have kids anyway, because there are not souls for new kids, and the Nereid queen knows this (if I remember correct). Having Penn does not do them any good in terms of baby-making. I thought the reason he was their "treasure" was because the Nereids don't have any kids(because of the lack of souls) and they like having kids because they are a rase of females who hears their biological clock ticking. When the souls came back they had kids just fine without Penn being old enough.

01:52:23 PM Feb 2nd 2011
Why else would they specifically request one male child from the King of Raide?
04:21:10 AM Feb 3rd 2011
edited by LordLaharlsVassal
I watched the queens conversation with Thorndyke again, she said they asked for a infant, she did not specify male infant in that conversation. Now correct me if I am wrong, but it seems they originally wanted the king to give up his son for curing his wife, but the king did not want to do that, so he got Lobo to kidnapp a boy that was the the same age as his son to give to the Nereids. At what other point in the story is it specified that they asked for from the king? Then we meet Lobo perhaps?
09:02:11 AM Nov 14th 2011
I don't remember where exactly it was said, but Nereid's lifespan is a bit longer then human's. He's grow up to them very fast.
09:27:36 AM Nov 14th 2011
I'm sorry, but I do not understand what that has to do with the issue at hand?
04:58:43 PM Sep 19th 2012
The problem you're having is that you misinterpreted the soul cycle problem. The soul cycle was not completely blocked. The flow is at a much slower rate due to the siphoning going on, i.e. birth rates are much lower than they should be.

My advice in your query is to "flip the chessboard" (think from your target's perspective). Using "Chessboard Thinking", ask yourself these questions:

1. Given the soul cycle issue, what kind of race biologically would be the most harmed by globally decling birthrates?

2. Why would you ask for the king's offspring, probably knowing that said offspring is male?

3. Why is the whole race exceptionally aggressive when it comes to the protection of "that particular child"?

Those questions being asked, I think he is "their treasure" in multiple ways. I suspect they love him as a person but also keep them around to guarantee at least some male presence. Recall that Nereids are very cynical about human nature but are willing to judge on an individual basis. This means that human males have to be decent people for them to even think about them being "worthy mates". Of course with things being fixed, there's much less need for Penn to be around, but refer back to him being their treasure in multiple ways.
02:32:21 AM Sep 20th 2012
1. Answer: I know you think the answer is the Nereids, but I think they have about as much access to sperm as anyone else has, especially considering there was a rumor in the game that they kidnapped men.

2. Answer: Saving the queens life ment their own queen had to give up her some of her own "life force", an eye for eye. We cannot know for sure they wanted the king's kid for sperm.

3. Answer: We don't see any other children, we don't know if they have anymore and are treating him more special than anyone else, and Juno is the only one who is crazy about him. Loving parents treats their children like treasure anyways; they are his surrogate mothers after all.

Sure, they talk bad about human men all the time, or at least Juno does, but actions speak louder than words, in the Juno ending there are tons of babies, suddenly they were not so picky about mates anymore? While Juno obviously wanted to marry Penn then he grow up, I see no obvious evidence of all of the Nereids are planning to use Penn as a sperm bank. Sure there might be some implications if you look for them and are biased for that kind of premise, but not something I think should be in any other tab then the YMMV tab.

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