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Krisnack: I recall that this game had an entry in High Octane Nightmare Fuel prior to The Great Crash in which the Demon Path was described (mostly under a load of spoiler text). I looked for it on and off but couldn't remember the name, although my search did lead me to Disgaea and Drakengard, which were pretty impressive in their own rights. Anybody care about rewriting it?

Malcowitz: I'm wondering if the whole "So it goes" they say after practically every death is a shout out to Slaughterhouse Five and therefore a Woolseyism. Put it in?

((Slayn82)): The text keeps referencing to a quote that's not in the page. Can someone restore such quote?
  • Deux Hero:The only reference to a quote in the pages history is the one under plot tumor, and that is refering to the page quote on Plot Tumor.