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05:56:47 PM Nov 14th 2017
edited by Miss_Desperado
Hey, ladies! Have you ever started your period while playing this game? How did the timing make you feel? Share your stories below!

My period started tonight while I was attempting to break my personal record (currently five pages and one run-in with the fence) on Slender: The Eight Pages. Usually my body has the courtesy to give me a warning ache a split second before opening the floodgates, and this night was no exception. I felt the warning ache the instant I grabbed the fourth page on the large rocks, so I paused the game and went to the bathroom to confirm that I had indeed started my period.

Very suspicious timing... this had better be just a coincidence! I'm currently looping Yakety Sax in the background to calm my nerves - I'm gonna need it after this incident.

09:27:02 AM Nov 19th 2014
Can someone clean up this page, please? The Arrival has it's own page, but there's still tropes and discussions of it on this one, making it confusing.

I'd do it myself, but I haven't played either game.
04:38:58 PM Apr 9th 2013
Just a VERY important tip when editing:

You play the game through the eyes of a camcorder, so if the screen goes fuzzy, for example, you aren't going insane. The cam's just freaking out over the sight of an unspeakable horror.
07:36:19 PM Mar 29th 2013
Is someone going to start a page on Slender The Arrival anytime soon?
09:36:18 AM Mar 30th 2013
I suppose most of it could just go on the page for the original Slender, just noted that its from The Arrival instead.
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