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Soundtrack Dissonance / Yakety Sax

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Watch anything at all with "Yakety Sax" by Boots Randolph playing in the background. Gorefests, rape scenes, September 11th footage, land mines, Armageddon; doesn't matter. It'll usually be funny.

Bonus points if clips are sped up to it. Although this has become a Running Gag in its own right, the Trope Maker was The Benny Hill Show.



Live-Action TV:

  • It works in reverse, too, such as The Benny Hill Show credits set to "Lux Aeterna".
  • Used in-universe in the Doctor Who episode "The Girl Who Died". After the Doctor has the cowardly retreat of the Mire recorded on Clara's mobile phone and threatens to broadcast it across the universe, Clara quips, "The only thing missing is the Benny Hill theme." Using an app everyone wishes they had, she does indeed add Yakety Sax to the footage, which is played briefly.


  • ESPN's Dallas radio station introduces the head coach of the Cowboys with this song whenever they cover one of his press conferences, to poke fun at his questionable toughness.

Video Games:

Web Original:


Web Videos

Western Animation

  • Occurs in The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius episode "Who Framed Jimmy", when Jimmy, Carl and Sheen are chased by a bear through the woods. At one point, a butler comes out of nowhere and serves Carl a milkshake.
  • Robot Chicken had the song playing during Hill's funeral.
  • A song similar to "Yakety Sax" plays in the Martha Speaks episode "Raiders Of The Lost Art" during a chase scene where the kids are trying to hide from the school janitor.

Real Life