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11:58:12 PM May 18th 2014
Does this game really have a stable time loop? As I understood it, it's not a loop. It appears like a loop because events keep playing out the same, but time is going forward. The stone like destroys all life and reseeds the Earth. Creator makes two clones of the two pilots and then shuts down. Over time, the human population is replenished. History plays out the same as it did before (as there's no reason for it to go any differently), and then the Stone Like is unearthed and activated. The game's plot plays out, but no time travel occurs - it's just that the old calendar becomes meaningless, and the next advanced society will consider these events to be prehistory. Everyone dies again, and the two pilots are cloned again. They repopulate the Earth again, and once again, there's no record of the mistakes that were made last time, so things play out identically... and so on, and so on, until the inevitable end of the universe.
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