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01:53:40 AM Oct 17th 2010
Just a little detail regarding Samanosuke and Jubei: the latter is said to be a master swordsman from the Yagyu clan. Sooo... why almost all of his Oni Weapons are everything but swords!? He has just one sabre (The Thunder Sword) and the Bonus Weapon Rekka (a BFS), while others include a spear, a double bladed halbeard and a Warhammer..... while on the other hand Samanosuke, a plain and simple Samurai, has an arsenal mainly composed by swords (except for Shippu, another dual-bladed spear and Chigo, a large axe)... that seems odd to me....
02:57:27 PM Jul 10th 2011
Well, majority of the Oni weapons are swords, and the Shippuu/Senpuumaru naginata can also be considered "double-bladed swords".

Samurai and Ninja training does not only focus on the use of swords, though they are commonly called "master swordsmen" because katanas are their principal weapon most of the time. They are also trained in various other weapons like archery, staff/polearm weapons, clubs, shuriken, explosives and even guns. It quite explains why Jubei and Samanosuke's basic weapons are simple katanas, yet they can wield a wider variety of weapons.
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