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10:49:07 PM Jun 15th 2010
Regarding Master Albert and Model A's "origin," has a connection to Lumine ever been considered? I haven't seen anything on any message boards. I mean, there's Lumine attacking Axl at the very end of X8, and then Axl has a Lumine-colored armor at post-game, so it's subtly implied that he's being assimilated.

Then there's Albert going on about this "I AM A GOD" theme, in addition to Ouroboros having a "cathedral" theme for the boss rooms, both analogous to X8's subtle allusions to Lucifer and other Christianity topics. Not to mention Albert's hair simply looks like Lumine's, and Model A is modeled after Albert. I'm led to believe, again, that ZX Advent subtly tells what happened to Axl after X8.

Not sure if that's worth adding to the page, however, but it'd be nice to know if I wasn't the only one who came up with that.
09:52:12 AM Oct 9th 2010
edited by DAN004
No, I also think the same. Let me list the similarities:
  1. Axl doesn't know his past.
  2. Axl is a prototype of New Gen Reploids, and Lumine in particular.
  3. Axl is black and Lumine is gold.
  4. Lumine wants to become the ruler of the new world where the New Gen Reploids reign.
  5. Both Axl and Lumine can change forms.
  6. Lumine's battleground is high to the moon.
  7. Lumine can use the attack from 8 New Gen Mavericks, and he also has an angelic form.

I think those facts are similar with (respectively)
  1. Model A and Grey/Ashe doesn't know their past.
  2. Model A is considered a "prototype" (or at least "small version") of Model W.
  3. Model A is black and Model W is gold.
  4. Albert wants to be the god of the new world.
  5. Both Mega Man Model A and Albert (via Model W) can change forms.
  6. Ouroboros, Albert's stage, is high to the sky.
  7. Albert can use the attack of the Enemy Mega Men, as well as Model A's homing shot and Model ZX's charge saber. He also has 6 wings, a tail and a halo (as Mega Man Model W.)

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