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09:04:41 AM Jun 16th 2012
Ok, this might be somewhat minor, but it ticks me off that Cut Man and Guts Man are listed as 'Villans' on the character sheet. Technically, they were only bad guys in the cartoon and the first game, along with the other robot masters, and that was because they were re-programmed to follow Wily's orders. Wouldn't it be better if their character information were moved to the 'Other characters' section? Come on, if Bass isn't listed as a bad guy, those two certainly shouldn't be!
02:39:45 PM Dec 9th 2011
Since we're namespacing all works now, and VideoGame.Mega Man never really made too much sense as disambiguation, would anyone be opposed to moving this to Mega Man Original? It also solves some issues with the subpages being mixed in with the whole series.