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10:59:16 PM Feb 1st 2013
I know this isn't on topic, but could somebody please tell me how I can redirect pages? Like from "Main" to "Video Game", or "Macross 30" to "Macross 30 The Voice that Connects the Galaxy?" I would really like to know, for future reference.
01:51:50 AM Feb 2nd 2013
Replace the page with [[redirect:Namespace/ThePageTitle]]; this one might be [[redirect:VideoGame/Macross30TheVoiceThatConnectsTheGalaxy]]
08:44:35 PM Feb 2nd 2013
Replace the page? How?
01:41:50 AM Feb 3rd 2013
edited by Telcontar
Open the edit screen, cut all the text, insert the redirect markup, and save. You'll be redirected to the target page. If your intent is to move the original page, this one should be blank; open the edit screen and paste in the content that the redirect markup replaced on the other page. Save, and you're done; see How to Move a Page for more.

If you would like to move this page somewhere, just say and I can do it for you.
12:40:28 PM Feb 3rd 2013
You mean like, move this discussion page to the discussion page of the Video Game/Macross 30 The Voice That Connects The Galaxy page I just made? That would be nice.

Anyways, thank you so much for all your help.
11:32:59 PM Feb 3rd 2013
Ah, a moderator has to do that; it should happen soon (one asks for their help either through Ask The Tropers or using the "this article needs some mod assistance with..." box under "tools" on the main page). Anyway, the way you moved the page looks fine — good work!