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06:10:36 PM Nov 13th 2011
In Jak II through Jak X Daxter's name was taken from the game titles, is there a trope for that?
05:35:29 PM Aug 28th 2010
edited by albinoottsel
Should we change the tropes to be sorted by game or should they be kept as-is?

EDIT: Know what, we'll just go with that. I don't think the Jak games have enough tropes specific to individual games to justify separate pages for all of them.

I'm not the boss, though. If anyone disagrees, let's discuss it.
11:46:06 AM Dec 9th 2010
The whole reason i made seperate pages for the main three games was to reduce the clutter on the main page. I'm gonna do some cleanin' up in a minute.
06:50:14 AM May 23rd 2010
Should "Daxter" be added as a redirect or alternative title? After all, there IS a game in the series with that title, and "Jak" is already an alternative title.
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