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09:56:27 AM Jan 11th 2013
It's mentioned several times on this page that Granas and Valmar were scientists - does anyone know where this comes from? Because as far as I remember (stated in the game in this cutscene: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=byArfUWOJQo ), Granas was indeed a form of either extraterrestial lifeform or god, who gave the people the power to create anything they wanted with their imagination - eventually leading to people losing critical thought and drive (other than to serve Granas) entirely. And Valmar was a creation of the human rebellion made to be the polar opposite of Granas. So I was wondering if the story with the scientists was mentioned anywhere else or if this could/should be changed in the article.
02:48:51 AM Nov 14th 2012
So, I never really got what's up with the butterfly on Ryudo's chest. I mean, it doesn't seem like a very badass thing for a Geohound to wear around all the time... and I don't think it's ever mentioned in-game either.