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11:59:32 AM Oct 1st 2015
Endless Corridor entry: Since it only applies to one game in the series, shouldn't it go on the page for the specific game? I don't know which one it's in, or I'd add it myself.
08:21:10 PM Apr 14th 2017
That would be Dragon Quest 2 and the infamous Cave/Road to Rhone.
01:33:44 PM Jul 14th 2013
This should be in the Franchise namespace, shouldn't it?
01:35:47 PM Jun 28th 2016
No, it shouldn't. All the entries are under VideoGame/; the Franchise/ namespace needs at least three different namespaces for the subworks. This is a video game series, thus under VideoGame/.
08:35:40 PM Apr 14th 2017
Yeah, I can only think of two- the video game series and the anime/manga series.
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