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09:29:12 PM Feb 15th 2014
Can I strike Mighty Whitey from the main page? I think it's a YMMV in this specific case, because I didn't interpret it as that at all. Aiden did all the heavy lifting, one of the Navajo repairs the bike IIRC, and the whole thing was dependent on the Navajo ritual/incantation.
02:15:07 AM Oct 19th 2013
@mlsmithca: I think you have misinterpreted the Handling Spoilers page. Here is what it says:

  • There are some tropes, particularly Death Tropes... in which all the examples are going to be spoilers just by their very nature. They're about surprises. On a work page it would obviously be fine to hide them, but doing so on the trope page doesn't help much.

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