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09:28:44 PM Jun 22nd 2013
Apparently the entry for The Last of Us is old, and Pittsburgh plays a major role in the game... but someone who's actually played it should probably take care of updating that. I haven't.
12:23:47 AM Mar 27th 2013
edited by pittsburghmuggle
Not sure where to shoehorn this, or if it should be shoehorned at all - but I was pleasantly surprised in the final video blog (The Premiere) on the Blue Ray of The Hobbit An Unexpected Journaey in the closing credits at 14:06 was a guy wearing a Pittsburgh Panthers Sweatshirt. Caught me by surprise.
10:02:53 AM Jul 9th 2012
Just for the record, the Buccos are kicking butt this year! We might need to change "Pittsburgh has arguably the best baseball stadium and the worst professional baseball team in the country" I know it can turn on a dime like last year, but overall I think we don't really deserve "worst team" anymore
02:30:05 PM Jan 20th 2011
On the topic of Creepshow, this troper's great uncle used to claim that the meteor-fuzz story was filmed on his property in Plum Borough. Not sure if it's true or not, but my comparisons between the exterior shots in the movie and his farmhouse and surrounding area does *not* rule it out.
03:52:39 PM May 30th 2011
Speaking of Creepshow, my seventh grade (I think. It's been a while) English teacher was an extra in the segment "The Crate."
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