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01:23:40 AM Feb 2nd 2018
I called a suicide hotline once. Just one time. All they did was trigger my misophonia, basically. I, personally, was very discouraged from talking to them at this point and hanged up very quickly. It's amazing how bad lishing can be.
10:09:27 AM Jul 9th 2012
I added a note at the top about calling when not suicidal. It's something I wish I had known to do back when I had issues. All hotlines I've encountered (I've only used one, though) have encouraged calling at any time, as it's easier to talk to someone not in crisis. Although self-harm isn't always a sign of suicidal tendancies, it can be related, so it's okay to call a hotline about it. It also clarifies for people coming to this page from the Self-Harm page, since otherwise there's an apparrant assumption that self-harming = suicidal. Feel free to change the note, but I'd really rather it wasn't removed.
04:17:45 PM Jan 1st 2012
Um...why is there a suicide prevention list on
01:03:24 PM Feb 3rd 2012
Because if someone who's contemplating suicide finds this place, we may help them.
03:52:33 AM Jun 1st 2012
I just have to say, this is a pretty sweet and touching page...
09:16:22 PM Jun 26th 2013
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It's insurance for our tropers. Everyone has bad days - tropers are no exceptions. If a troper is contemplating suicide, they may find themselves cruising pages on suicide for suggestions. We hope those people see this page and get the help they need.

Dead tropers are going to miss all kinds of great fiction, and won't be able to share it with us here on TV Tropes!

Actually it was seeing this page that on my family genealogical wiki's category for suicides (We've have two through the years, and I was creating a section on death), I included a note saying that there is help and the USA suicide prevention hotline number.
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