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07:13:18 PM Jan 4th 2012
We aren't going to include anything on the Inuit and other Far North Native American tribes, or native Hawaiians? Alaska and Hawaii are part of the United States.
08:02:25 AM Jan 5th 2012
It you have relevant information on them then add it in. It's a wiki where the knowledge is drawn from our contributor pool. If a contributer doesn't know, or have enough information, then they can't add them. They can add the bits they do know about though.
11:24:48 AM Jan 17th 2012
Okay originally the page had a section for Native Hawaiians and Alaskans but then I checked the state pages and they already have a lot of information on those groups. So in the interest of not having the same informationn posted in two different places I just removed those sections. If you have information on those groups( the Alaskan page could use some more I believe although the Hawaii page is pretty good) you should probably go there.
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