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05:38:39 PM Sep 4th 2011
I was quite dissipointed when i found that this Useful Notes section didn't apply to my town, Lebanon Ohio, which is where Milk Money and Harper Valley PTA was shot.

see here for all its mediocre glory http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lebanon,_Ohio

05:31:39 PM Jun 2nd 2012
i am sorry to say that 90% of what you wrote on here are untrue 1. in the 2006 war isrealis dodnt boombed all of beirut or invaded south of lebanon the boombed the southern surbob were huzbullah people and supporters are so put you story stright and my advised to you is that before you write a story of a country like lebanon that as you said its was once known as the paris of the middle east you have to get a true story before writeing it on the internet and again lebanon is still called the paris of the middle east and the lebanese food again is getting more famours than any other countrys food
02:56:11 PM Aug 12th 2012
...is that directed at me? because i didn't mention the country of Lebanon at all. i just made a joke that my hometown is called Lebanon.

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