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03:05:17 AM Jan 6th 2014
Iran used to have one of the best birth control strategies, but with the sanctions hitting them really hard, this is one of the areas they've cut back on. (A pity, because I always found it interesting how Iran was way ahead of US in terms of reproductive health; I remember at seeing an advertisement IN THE INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT in Tehran about HIV prevention.)
07:52:15 PM Oct 11th 2012
"Iran has the second-highest execution rate in the world, just behind China. Despite what this it sound like, capital punishment is only used on murderers, terrorists and drug dealers."

Bullshit, plain and simple. The Death Penalty is routinely used on Homosexuals as well. They can deny this all they want, and usually spin it like the homosexuals were drug dealers, murderers or rapists but the fact remains that there are provisions in their legal system to execute gays and lesbians.

I get that this is T Vtropes, not Wiki, but the issues Homosexuals face in the middle east needs to be heard.
04:04:52 PM Oct 17th 2012
I see someone fixed it, and the following passage on homosexuality. Thank you.
01:20:43 AM Aug 29th 2011
Don't forget about the BRAIN DRAIN
08:29:20 AM Mar 31st 2011
It turned out that there was never any evidence of election fraud in 2009, and several polls by Western organizations concluded that the people had in fact voted for Ahmadinejad. The "Green Movement" has largely failed to get much traction or support inside Iran.
08:39:13 AM Mar 31st 2011
Source? Plus there's the issue of coercion and fear, which would manifest in surveys as much as elections.
08:47:37 AM Mar 31st 2011
Coercion, fear, and people being shot dead in the street.

Yeah, I'm starting to think this guy is a shill, like that North Korean guy from a month or two ago.
08:49:52 AM Mar 31st 2011
We're getting shills from totalitarian regimes? That's awesome! It means we've hit it big enough to be on their radar!
08:51:32 AM Mar 31st 2011
I'm actually five Venezuelan reporters.
08:27:28 AM Mar 31st 2011
Ahmadinejad said that Iran doesn't have gays "like in the US" meaning an openly gay culture.
08:29:15 AM Mar 31st 2011
What he actually said was that there are no gay people in Iran. "Like in the US" wasn't in his sentence.
08:29:58 AM Mar 31st 2011
Provide the source. I was there when he said it.
08:30:26 AM Mar 31st 2011
Provide the source. I was there when he said it.
08:34:18 AM Mar 31st 2011
I recall watching it on TV, and distinctly remembering him answering by just saying they didn't have homosexuals in Iran. I have no memory of him clarifying "like in the US" that he was referring to gay culture.
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