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05:46:44 PM Apr 9th 2014
Hello, I have an example I'd like to use for a trope, but want to check it with the people first. Under "Shown Their Work", I'd like to add the extensive conversation about polearms in comic 136.
05:51:14 PM Apr 9th 2014
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Not sure it fits; Rich Burlew didn't need extensive research on polearms for this scene, just to have a few 1st edition D&D books. Yes, there are all named in there. It's more of a Mythology Gag, in fact.
01:40:52 AM Apr 10th 2014
Even the glaive-guisarme-glaive? :P
03:38:34 PM Nov 1st 2012

I was wondering if we should add the Series Hiatus trope. As we know it, Rich hurt his hand, and he's still recovering (and there's some concern about the control he will have on his thumb afterwards... I hope he will be alright :s His injury was quite severe). The situation is different from a Schedule Slip, since the Giant (well, his wife) announced what happened and that the comic was suspended until he was feeling better. So, long story short: should we add the Series Hiatus Trope, describing the situation and set the hiatus's date for the 9/19/2012 (which was the first announcement of the situation) ?
12:16:21 PM Nov 2nd 2012
The Series Hiatus is already mentioned were it should: in the Trivia tab.

This kind of "tropes" external to the work itself are not part of the main trope pages.

You can add more details in the Trivia tab if you want.
07:18:42 PM Nov 2nd 2012
In that case: my bad. Though, in my defense, the Series Hiatus trope isn't specified as being a Trivia Trope on its page. I didn't think of checking there.
04:28:07 AM Nov 3rd 2012
Well, it was submitted to be marked as a trivia trope in the relevant forum thread. It will certainly be voted as such, but it takes some times. So better place it there preemptively.
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