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05:34:07 AM Jan 31st 2015
  • What makes this worse is that you can find an Escape Rope in his house afterwards if you use the Dowsing Machine. The implications of this aren't pretty...
    • Although the fact that the Escape Rope is hidden could be seen as a bittersweet Fridge-Heartwarming. The man had it in his house and was probably intending to use it after his wife passed away, but after you lend him a Pokemon, he has something to live for and sees no need to use the rope and it stays hidden away. He eventually passes away quietly of natural causes, having been much happier in his last few days than he otherwise would have been.

For those who wonder why I cut those out, it's because it is inaccurate. The escape rope is hidden in the east of the gym, not the old man's house. Beside, you can't even use Dowsing Machine indoors in XY!
03:33:09 AM Oct 24th 2013
This page needs a clean up; none of these moments are particularly sad, let alone cry-worthy.
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