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05:53:18 AM May 18th 2011
I expect the GURPS vs. HERO flamewar will never die down, so I tried to make it as quiet a presence on the trope page as possible.

On that note, "HERO never needs to add any rules!" is a lot less impressive a qualification when you see how damn big HERO's corebooks are. The systems both have heaping tons of "optional rules," but GURPS will only give you the simple ones ("spend FP to power magic") unless you really want more (GURPS Thaumatology). And even then, the basic set has general guidelines for customization if you just want to houserule it.
10:21:48 PM Sep 4th 2010
Might I ask, why all the bold? Once is enough. (I would change it but there's so much of it that there's probably a good reason for it.)
09:08:24 PM Sep 21st 2010
according to Steve Jackson games the official format of the name is suppose to be all caps, bold and all italics, at least as far as i know, it was stated in the edit notes in page history a little while back.
01:14:02 PM Mar 11th 2010
Seriously? TWO HUNDRED sourcebooks? You're making that up, right?
08:24:38 PM Mar 11th 2010
11:19:41 AM Nov 21st 2011
That number's probably out of date now.
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