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07:49:04 PM Nov 27th 2013
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I'm considering that the DLC case of Dual Destinies has a number of subtle references to other nautical-related works, but am not sure if any of these are obvious and intentional enough to count. Your thoughts?

  • When the possibility is raised that Shipley remained alive long enough underwater for the attack to happen, it's pointed out that he was underwater for ten minutes, and no man could hold his breath that long. Monkey Island reference?
  • Marlon Rimes devours an entire barrel of fish and bulks up, in contrast to his claimed vegetarianism. Inverted Popeye?
  • He also spends the entire case trying to get justice administered to a whale against whom he has a grudge, and laments at the end that his life lost all other meaning. Moby-Dick?
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