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05:10:49 AM Aug 1st 2011
Where would this go? It's even mentioned in The Other Wiki, the way JB always finishes off monsters has no variation (with a few exceptions) while Ryan has all kinds of finshers (lightning hand, laser fist, internal gyro, and later on VR laser ray, VR laser gun), JB just had "Laser lance command...NOW!" at which point he'd extend the laser lance through the monster's stomach as an implament attack with debris coming out the other end for extra measure, and the monster would almost always surrender when impaled. JB would then walk up towards the mutant to shorten his laser lance back to normal size, then despite the monster's surrender, he would finish it off anyway, pulling out the laser lance and slashing so many times that the monster is glowing with blue electricity and would fall over and explode with JB in a heroic stance holding his laser lance.
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