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08:05:02 PM Apr 21st 2012
I didn't want to make such a prominent change on my own, but the description has a part that rubs me a bit the wrong way: 'Occasionally, however, you'd get a Family Unfriendly Aesop. Perhaps the most notorious example was the episode "Time Enough At Last," which starred Burgess Meredith and seemed to tell the viewer, "Even if you are a good and decent man, you can still have horrible things continually happen to you and end up with no hope at all."'

A good and decent man? That's pretty YMMV, seeing as the character in question hates everyone and celebrates them all being killed by war, even rejoicing in his own wife's death. In classic Twilight Zone fashion, he definitely deserves what he gets.
10:42:48 AM Nov 29th 2012
I disagree, this is due to the fact that he's surrounded by by Jackasses who treat him very poorly. Not to mention the cruel joke played on him by his wife. As we move along in the story his tune changes because of the crushing loneliness caused by having no people around. Then when he finally finds a way to cope with it, it's ripped away from him. If nothing else it's definitely a Cruel Twist Ending.
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