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10:41:11 AM Nov 24th 2017
edited by AgProv
On other pages, the character Gomez Addams is described as being Spanish. I can see that (although with a vampire wife, with a ghoul, and other identifiable horrors in the family - what sort of an undead monster is Gomez actually meant to be??? But that's a different question.) . Then again, I'm European, so the go-to position on seeing somebody with that Latin vibe going on is to say "Spanish". "The Addams Family" is an American TV show/movie franchise. Devised in the USA, isn't it more likely Gomez is meant to be some sort of Mexican. as that's the natural go-to place for an American audience when considering "Latin" tropes? And what's the logic for Gomez being Spanish/Latin American - what's the backstory or Word of God on this?
04:33:31 PM Feb 5th 2015
How do you change a page to a different index so that it can be edited? There's a Western Animation page that should have anything pertaining to the cartoon on it, but I can't change it even though it links back to the series.
12:49:50 AM Feb 6th 2015
Well, for one thing changing an index doesn't do anything about editability. I think you are running into the edit bug explained in the top thread of the Wiki Tech Wish List.
01:09:21 AM Feb 6th 2015
OK; I got the issue; you want to make a page on WesternAnimation.The Addams Family. You need to go to this link.
12:34:19 PM Mar 15th 2012
Morticia of the Snake People.

It was always my impression that she did not have legs or feet. Were these ever shown?
10:19:27 PM Apr 15th 2013
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If you think she is, maybe you could add it to WGM page? But no, her feet or legs where never shown(I heard, there even lampshaded it in the musical when bottom dress was ripped, Gomez shouted "Trish you have legs!") but nothing in canon that said she was a snake person.
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