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08:31:14 PM May 23rd 2014
Is it really necessary for this entry to express such utter contempt for the show? Yes, opinions are sharply divided about "Space: 1999", even among fans, but the writing of this one, especially the synopsis, really goes overboard.
01:37:43 AM May 24th 2014
No, there is no legitimate reason for a work page to "express utter contempt". I took out most of it; people more familiar might pull out more.
05:04:01 AM Oct 13th 2014
Maybe we should replace the extremely snarky page quote (which doesn't really say anything about the show except that some people hate it with a vengenace) as well? The problem is that I can't think of any good quote right now, but maybe somebody else can?
05:55:30 AM Oct 13th 2014
Yeah, pull that quote. It doesn't seem to be anything but a dig at the work.
01:34:49 PM Oct 13th 2014
Done! I found a more appropriate quote on IMDB.