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04:59:17 PM Jan 9th 2013
Also, the 80s revival had Jim Phelps as "A Father To His Team." It was said Casey "was like a daughter" to him, and he mourned her passing. Likewise, Tom Copperfield was his successor and practically his son. In Barney's place, Jim also watched out for Grant while on the IMF team.
04:18:35 AM Jan 7th 2013
Should "Tear Jerker" apply to "The Fortune"? That's the first time we see an agent "Disavowed" in the series (Casey Randall) and the red "Disavowed" box used as she's declared "Deceased" by the Secretary. We "final cut" to a picture of the team before the mission with a sad, slower reprise of the theme playing.

Also, the team with Shannon is holding it together barely as they are intent on bringing down Amelia (the wife of an exiled dictator who personally killed Casey). Max is unsure he can pull this off (since he's to get close to Amelia) while Anthony and Grant are seething with intent on ensuring Amelia doesn't escape justice.

The rage comes out as Jim finally blows up at Amelia after they have the proof of Casey's murder.
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