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12:10:36 PM Mar 16th 2014
This entry belongs in the Trivia section, once it is created:

  • Hey Its That Guy: Ned Grossberg was played by Charles Rocketnote , a former Saturday Night Live cast member from the notoriously awful 1980-1981 season. This was the guy who accidentally said the word "fuck" at the end of the episode hosted by Charlene Tilton from Dallas and caused himself, Ann Risley, and Gilbert Gottfried to be fired and NBC to swoop in and salvage SNLnote . Max Headroom was one of many post-SNL roles Rocket had until his suicide in 2005.
12:39:16 AM Aug 4th 2010
DVD's are released in the US today. In case anyone looks here.
10:30:42 AM Jul 22nd 2010
edited by FayeKane
You forgot to mention the real reason it was canceled: It was a TV show that appealed to people who didnít like TV.
  • Yeah, SMART people. The typical TV viewer is presented in Headroom as being borderline retarded, which is right on the money. There are many glorious instances of the lumpen proletariat being viciously and deliciously ridiculed (e.g., "Lumpy's Proletariat", Whacketts, etc...). Annabel Jenkins is the coolest woman alive (even cooler than me!)
01:09:14 PM Jun 3rd 2010
The "interruption" is kind of funny, but it lacks...punch. Can anyone else think of a way to funny it up?
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