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01:17:49 PM Dec 1st 2013
Why is the title in all caps? Is it an acronym, or is it simply supposed to be shouted at all times?

(And yes, I'm aware that the title card on the show is in all caps. So are the title cards for Deadwood, Castle and Rome)
07:15:15 PM Apr 1st 2013
edited by Morgenthaler
A request to people who've seen this show: can someone update the entry for LOST for Super Weight? It's a Just for Fun homegrown ranking at TV Tropes of measuring characters' relative power in a story, divided into nine broad categories. The entry according to the old criteria was this (and can be found on the medium subpage's discussion page):

  • LOST
    • Type 0: The people at the Temple
    • Type 1: Most main characters, the freighter commandos, elite others, Charles Widmore, Anthony Cooper
    • Type 2: Richard, Desmond, Hurley, Miles, Walt, Mikhail, Ben, after the finale
    • Type 4: The Man in Black, Jacob, Jack during and Hurley after the finale
    • Type 5: The Rules, the Island itself
12:08:21 PM Apr 9th 2012
The Faux Fluency bit needs bit of a rewrite. No idea if it was good, but Sayid is clearly speaking a fair amount of Arabic in "One of Them".
05:31:29 PM Nov 3rd 2011
Geodesic Cast — Lampshaded by the geodesic dome in the Hatch computer room? Or just a coinkydink?
02:27:00 AM May 30th 2011
edited by khyron1144
I think some aspects of Charlie's plot and character might be subtle references to Oasis. I mean it's blatant in the flashback where he's busking and the song he's doing is "Wonder Wall". Subtler points would be: he's from Manchester; he's in a band with his brother; and the brother's name is Liam; there are squabbles over who does the vocals on which number; substance abuse issues derail the band a bit.
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