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03:51:57 AM Apr 9th 2015
Removed from the article.

  • Status Quo Is God:
    • Averted when Kipling is discovered to be female.
    • Played straight with the baby lizards.
    • Also averted with Millie the Mermaid, as neither she nor any of Zuri's imaginary friends have shown up since.
    • Averted furthermore with Jessie's dad now being married to Col. Shannon. With Darla now being Jessie's

Aversions are generally not very noteworthy. The baby lizard example is Zero-Context Example and should be re-written if it is valid.
06:11:53 AM Nov 27th 2013
Peyton's legs; Evidently somebody on the Lazygirls website seems to be just figuring this out:
09:06:41 PM Sep 13th 2012
"Dyeing for Your Art" should be "Dye Hard": Debby dyed her hair for a photoshoot once and liked it so much she decided to keep it full-time. It's in a YouTube interview.
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