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06:42:44 PM Jan 21st 2013
This has kinda bothered me a bit. Forgive me if I'm inaccurate, but wouldn't Mac be Ambiguously Bi? I mean, I've been paying special attention to the show, and so far, I've seen the guy sleep with a tranny, Dennis' mom, and also his occasional lust for older women. Also, doesn't he sneak in on some of Dennis' action (Move-in After Completion)? Like, Dennis' sloppy seconds?
02:00:21 PM Sep 12th 2013
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Yeah, I kind of wondered that too myself because he has shown some interest in women like how he kept obsessing over a girl's pics on an ex-girlfriend porno site. I guess it's because he seems to be more interested in men as well as less interested in women than the rest of the gang. So Mac being homoflexible (homosexual with If It's You, It's Okay moments) or bisexual with homosexual leanings are both possibilities.
07:55:34 AM Dec 10th 2011
edited by Camacan
Removed this natter from Characterization Marches On. Don't know the show so I don't know if this is accurate and so should be integrated in a non-messed-up-Example Indentation way.

  • Actually, he only acts that way after being accused by Mac and Charlie earlier in the episode of being creepy for only dating freshmen, and is relieved when they later give him the green light to sleep with her.
03:42:02 PM Dec 17th 2011
I wasn't sure how to edit it without removing the entry altogether which seemed rude. But the original writer of that entry was misremembering the episode. In regards to that example, the Dennis character has remained consistent.
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