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08:56:44 AM Mar 2nd 2018
There was one sketch where, I think it was in Ancient Greece, even the most insignificant of crimes such as stealing an apple was punishable by death. Should it be added to Disproportionate Retribution?
11:44:12 AM Jul 16th 2013
Wild Mass Guess: Rattus has dyscalculia.

Have you seen how often he screws up maths? Particularly noticeable in some of the earlier gory games.
08:14:01 PM Dec 13th 2012
How do we explain what's going on timey-wimey-wise? I mean, obviously for the most part timelines go according to history - but we've also got Mike Peabody and the HHTV Sport guys and suchlike people from the present visiting the past and reporting it to the present, and Masterchef contestants and so forth visiting the present from the past, and that's all just accepted as normal... Then there's Shouty Man, who can exist in any time and originate from that same time - and apparently can be several different ethnicities as well. Weirdest case has probably got to be the Paramedics - they always exist in the present era, but originate from different times in history. Never seen time work like that before.
07:21:42 PM Dec 14th 2012
It's vaguely handwaved in the promo materials as a result of malfunctions in the "Time Sewers", where Rattus lives (thus also handily explaining how a random black rat has become a genius-level historian). I have a pleasant mental picture of an alt-universe in which the back-and-forth time traffic has become so heavy it's a routine part of life...

07:41:21 AM Oct 8th 2012
For those who haven't seen this hilarious series (and might not want to spend money on something they don't know), Youtube has clips from the shows. (Apparently, the posters are allowed as long as they don't post full eps.) MAJOR nose-cola warning -and nausea, as well.
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