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11:47:29 PM Apr 23rd 2012
This series NEEDS a Tear Jerker page. At least once a season the show finds a way to gut me emotionally. We get Kim's (first) death at the end of Season 1, or Stark's in Season 3, or Holly's in Season 5. While this show can often bring the funny and the awesome, it also brings the pain.
05:01:12 AM Jul 20th 2010
edited by FarseerLolotea
As I had noted in the archive: there is an actual town called Eureka in California, up by the Oregon border. (However, it's not nearly as cool.)
04:52:34 PM Aug 29th 2010
There's also a town called "Yreka" in California, pronounced by at least some locals the way I would pronounce "Eureka". Spent the night there once or twice, since it's on the I-5. It's also much closer to Oregon, and not on the coast, like Eureka. But I guess the show's Eureka is canonically in Oregon.
10:43:30 AM Aug 9th 2011
edited by Heroville
That's the kinda stuff that'll make for great League of Extraordinary Gentlemen fodder
09:41:23 AM May 31st 2010
Eureka will cross over with Warehouse 13. Someone who actually watches these shows should add that. []
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