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03:27:26 PM Jun 30th 2012
edited by coolman229
Does it bother anyone that Wes is treated so badly? Yes he is the uptight, more serious one compared to Travis, but that doesn't mean that he deserves to be made fun of all the time. He's even labelled as the "asshole" of the couple by his therapist. A couple examples off the top of my head include when Wes was trying to date again, when he obviously has a hard time letting his ex-wife go. When Wes starts dating another woman and finds out that she's engaged and still wants to sleep with him, he turns her down and talks to the therapy group about it. He's reprimanded for not having sex with her. He tries to point out that he was opening up and had the opportunity to have sex. They all act like he was being an idiot for not sleeping with a woman who's engaged. What the hell? And when they're trying to role play, Wes questions why he is always chosen to be the strict father, and he's basically told that he fits the role best. When Travis acts like a douche everyone compliments him on his portrayal of Wes. Sure, Wes is a bit of a hardass sometimes, but do we really need to be told that?
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