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11:59:34 AM Mar 29th 2014
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  • Expy: Lloyd is basically T-Bag, taken down a few notches.

... How? No, really. I can't see this for the life of me. Someone either has A) heavily romanticized T-Bag's character, B) a really bad opinion of Lloyd's, or C) a really really good opinion of Lloyd.

Remember, Lloyd is the guy who is still beating himself up because he thinks he's a murderer because he sold a girl some prescription pain killers and she decided to kill herself with said pills (either intentionally or she thought taking a handful of any medication and downing it with vodka wouldn't result in death, in which case she was obviously Too Dumb to Live) . T-Bag is the guy who fashioned his hand-stump into a shank and then killed people with it really happily. The only similarity between the two is that Lloyd is latently creepy.
06:06:33 AM Jul 27th 2012
This example misapplies the trope Beast and Beauty. It possibly is another trope, though I don't know which.
  • Beast and Beauty: Erica is a combination of both. While attractive, she is a skilled tracker who hunted and killed five of the six men who murdered her father. She also has quite a violent temper, according to her bio.
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