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09:15:56 PM Oct 3rd 2011
edited by Arivne
Changed the No Name Given list examples. It originally said "Even King Tut's harmless professor alter ego was never given a name beyond "Professor." This is incorrect, because the alter ego did have a name: William McElroy. I added this fact to the next line, about the Mad Hatter having a real name.
10:40:35 PM Jun 20th 2011
I don't know about Harmless Freezing as in each case it was either deadly or nearly so. Deadly particularly in the First Freeze episode, when it sounds as if the victim shattered. The nearly so in the a later episode where Freeze freezes Commisioner Gordon's office and it looks like they where near death.
04:12:51 PM Oct 22nd 2010
I hate to nitpick here, but The Brave and the Bold is just as campy, unless I have a drastically incorrect definition of camp.
08:05:00 AM Oct 20th 2010
that thing about the theme song being instrumental is disputed. Adam West says it's true, but the people who actually worked on the music of the show deny it.
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