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07:52:17 PM Jul 19th 2013
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This seemed natteriffic. Trope entry for Who Is This Guy Again?. If you feel something is worth mentioning in the article, feel free to move it back, but please make it brief and to the point, and using correct Example Indentation.

  • This is most likely nodding at how the Brits see De Gaulle compared to the French. While he's a hero and great political leader to the French, he is definitively not to the British. Any respect he gained during WW2 (as a general and organizing the French resistance) immediately began to wane as he continually demanded that France be treated on equal terms with the Great Powers (despite it being full of Germans and lacking any military assets). Furthermore, in the years to follow he vetoed British membership to the European Community twice, withdrew France from NATO command and followed independent foreign policy, which as you might imagine went down quite badly what with the constant worry of soviet invasion and all. While the French, and certainly French nationalists (except the OAS, of course), look upon him fondly, to us across the channel, he will always be "the one with the big 'ooter".
    • Not to mention the fact that, before the war, De Gaulle was an almost unknown Colonel in the French Army, whose main claim to fame in the 1930s was a book he wrote about modern warfare, advocating fast-moving armored divisions. It only sold 700 copies in France, but (ironically) ten times that many were sold in Germany and (more ironically) Hitler was quite impressed by it. He made something of a name for himself in the Battle of France, earning a field promotion to Brigadier General, but he only appeared on the world stage after the Dunkirk evacuation, and he was still not well-known in France until the liberation of Paris and the final stages of the war.
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