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07:09:20 AM Jul 22nd 2016
The source and the source give two different orders for the episodes in season 2; for example, the former places "The Price" between "Outfoxed" and "Revelations", while the latter places it between "The Cage" and "Avalon."

Owen's appearance in "Double Jeopardy" (which takes place after "The Price" according to but before "The Price" according to does not show him with the stone hand that he gained in "The Price"; thus, I move to change the episode order to that found on, as "The Price" must have taken place after "Double Jeopardy" rather than before.
08:46:44 PM May 13th 2016
There were a lot more episodes to season 2, the finale of which was "The Hunter's Moon" episodes. I'll change the page.

05:38:05 PM May 31st 2016
Thank you :)
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