Recap Family Guy S 7 E 11 Not All Dogs Go To Heaven Discussion

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10:12:51 AM Jan 7th 2015
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I'm really sick of hearing how "hated" this episode is...I thought it was pretty good. I can see the points being made, but I wouldn't bash it necessarily, which I feel a lot of people have done (being a huge Brian fan).
11:22:50 AM Jan 7th 2015
I don't like the episode so much, but I hate how fans whine and moan about it. Just get over it and move on.
09:57:26 PM Jan 7th 2015
I really hate how they trash Brian but are all like "oh, poor Meg!" Yeah, Brian shouldn't have said that stuff at the end, but Meg is far from blameless in it all, since she got Brian publicly shamed to the point that he was called worse than Hitler. If anything, Meg did the worse of two evils.
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