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01:49:10 AM Sep 29th 2011
The "Cheque Please" - this should be rendered as the American "Check please"... as he's using the American term for the bill.

04:52:15 AM Dec 23rd 2011
edited by AgProv
I wondered about the "cheque please" business, which I'd never heard in any eateries in Britain, and thought it was an Indian affectation... it took tvtropes and discovering the "Check Please" page before I realised!
01:47:00 AM Sep 29th 2011
Re Jimmy Hart Version - this was in play during the first two series - but in the third, they were able to secure the rights to Wham's Club Tropicana (for Club Nirvana), Pulp's Common People (for Hindi People), and a boyband track for Let's Make Arrangements.